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When vector tiles are not enough … (FOSS4G 2023)

2023 FOSS4G talk about vector tiles and, by Martí Pericay, Oscar Fonts and the Geomatico team While vector tiles are great for maps with advanced symbolization, is a framework for visualization, animation and 3D editing of large volumes […]


Beyond vector tiles: Mapbox, MapLibre or DeckGL for my 3D map?

Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for this answer, but this post will discuss in depth the pros and cons of vector tiles, Mapbox, MapLibre and DeckGL. Geomatico is a company that has been working on web mapping and advanced […]


Irriter: precision irrigation visualization

Software development for precision irrigation Irriter is an information system to help the irrigators of the Baix Ter. It is based on crop information, soil type and satellite imagery to estimate plant evapotranspiration, soil moisture and, above all, its present […]


Going viral in the pandemic

Foss4G, The International Geospatial Conference, 2021


100K pulls of our Docker Geoserver

Containerization and Docker architecture allow high levels of uptime and scalability for your applications. So what about having the most complete open source map server, Geoserver, fully dockerized? In Geomatico our CTO Oscar Fonts has developed and maintained since 2016 […]


Real-time public transportation visualization

Real-time visualization for the Barcelona metro and bus services Since 2016, Geomatico has been working with the Barcelona public transport agency (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, ​​TMB) for GIS development and analysis. Tasks include front-end programming, advanced 3D visualization, support for […]


Civil works monitoring using satellite imagery and machine learning

Using up-to-date satellite imagery is nowadays mandatory to the decision-making process in many areas: agriculture, environment, water resources … Checking present and historical views of a site can be of great importance to improve management and reduce inspection costs. Adding […]


Customised GIS training for your sector

Our experience tells us that the best way to consolidate knowledge and have your staff effectively integrate GIS as a daily tool is through customised courses for your business. Generalist training focusing on technology does not show the immediate applications […]

Formación vector tiles SIG Libre 2018

9 years with Barcelona Natural Science Museum

Geolocation is a key attribute for activity in a natural science museum since cartography is present in almost all its fields of activity: collections, research, publications, exhibitions, etc. The collaboration between Geomatico and the Barcelona Natural Science Museum dates back […]


One kilometer from home

On March the 23rd, after five weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, president Sanchez announced that Spain will begin easing restrictions. In this first attempt at  loosening measures across the country, children under the age of 14 will now be allowed to […]


Querying multiple layers in a single query with GeoServer

Our problem: to get features by filtering different layers using WFS. Let’s work with the topp layers, from default GeoServer data. Applying a single CQL_filter on a WFS layer is simple. We have the “unknown” 😉 topp:tasmania_water_bodies published in a […]


Sensor Widgets: monitor your real-time sensor data on the web

Publish your sensor data via standard protocols and make it instantly available on your website through Open Source, 100% Javascript widgets. You gather a lot of sensor information and you store it in a database. Why not supply it real-time […]


Adding Oracle support for 52N-SOS server

We have been collaborating with 52º North the last months. Precisely, we have been working on the Oracle support for the new release of the Sensor Observation Service server: 52N-SOS 4.0 [1]. The problem we were facing was that the […]


Integrating Geotools into gvSIG CE (II)

The gvSIG CE codesprint took place last week in Munich. Víctor and I had a great time working with all the people there, specially with Ben and Fran, the other developers. Although we couldn’t devote as much time as we […]


Integrating Geotools into gvSIG CE

After some work, we have managed to replace the gvSIG CRS module for Geotools. Here we are going to discuss what we have done, the cost of the task in hours, what we have achieved and some issues that have […]


GGL2 API for Java and Python

We are pleased to announce that the GGL2 tools are increasing constantly. The newcomer today is an API for Java and Python. This API allows developers to execute GGL2 processes from their programs with a single call, passing the GGL2 […]


@geomati_co in GeoTools

On these days the geomati.cos are a bit scattered. They had to stop in Velp (Holland) to talk about some projects at the MapWindow Conference. After this, one of them has gone to Salzburg (Austria) to continue with talks in […]


New GGL2 plugin for Qgis

A new GGL2 plugin for Qgis has been released. This plugin allows users to connect the GGL2 environment with Qgis so layers can be used as data within GGL2 code and results can be visualized back in Qgis. In order to use […]


GGL2-gvSIG course is finished

We have just finished the first GGL2 Geoprocessing course together with the gvSIG Association and it is time to sum up all the experiences and the share all the improvements we made in that context. First, the interaction with the […]

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