When vector tiles are not enough … Deck.gl (FOSS4G 2023)

2023 FOSS4G talk about vector tiles and Deck.gl, by Martí Pericay, Oscar Fonts and the Geomatico team

While vector tiles are great for maps with advanced symbolization, Deck.gl is a framework for visualization, animation and 3D editing of large volumes of data (up to millions of points), in the browser, with optimal performance thanks to WebGL technology and the computing power of the GPU.

Deck.gl is prepared to work seamlessly with WebGL based map libraries such as MapLibre GL JS, Mapbox GL JS or Google Maps. It extends their capabilities with a large number of formats, data types and layer visualizations, such as point clouds (tessellated or not), real 3D vector data, 3D models, on-the-fly clustering, trip animations, GPU filtering, etc.

This presentation discusses use cases developed by Geomatico, in irrigation, biodiversity, topography and urban planning.

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