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We work with organisations that move large numbers of people across the territory, or manage fleets of vehicles or public transport networks, to provide new analyses and services on their spatial-temporal data.

Find out how far you can go from better use of your geospatial data and optimise movement across the territory. We work with you to define solutions that you control.

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  • Multimodal route calculation with street information, public transport agency timetables, cyclability or personal mobility vehicles.
  • Public transport networks: analysis of the load over time, using historical, real time or predictive data. for the traveller and decision making. Development of ETL processes and control panels.
  • Deployment of APIs for integrators, offering services for basic cartography, timetables, street map, network infrastructure, traffic information, geocoding and routing.
  • Mapping support in mobility studies for large organisations and mass events: public and private transport connectivity statistics, journey times, critical links and alternatives.

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We are always proud of our projects

Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB)
The collaboration with TMB has given rise to many projects, one of which is a locator for public transport lines and means of transport that you can use to get from one point in the city to another, and vice versa.
The client tells us ...
Eduard Porquet (Software engineer at TMB) View demo

"Geomatico is a sure bet for a project: their ability to innovate never ceases to amaze me, and I've been working with them for more than 5 years."
It came about with the aim of helping with a small contribution in difficult times. The first rule for coming out of lockdown (allowing walks within 1 km from home) immediately raised the question for millions of Spaniards: How much is 1km? The application calculates it in a very simple way.

We didn't want to make any money out of it and we received the invaluable, and also selfless, help of Mapbox to handle the huge traffic (over 3 million visits in one weekend), which was a real challenge.
The project has been covered by many media outlets...
TVE, La Sexta, Cadena SER, TV3, ABC ... See Website

More than 4 million people used this tool during the first week of coming out of lockdown

A great team of professionals accompanies you in the development of your mobility projects

Oscar Fonts Mobility Analyst
Francisco P. Sampayo DevOps
Micho García Developer
Martí Pericay Developer

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  • One kilometer from home

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