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We help you manage and analyse all your environmental information to make it more understandable.

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Geospatial technologies play a key role in all environmental sectors: from tackling climate change to forest management, irrigation, biodiversity, precision agriculture, ecology...

Keep your data centralised in a geospatial database and make the most of it: use it with automated analysis and publish it on the web with standard protocols.

AND WE ALSO train your staff

A GIS course that is perfectly adapted to your needs, from environmental management to biodiversity or oceanography. We teach you how to use the geo tools that will solve your business problems.

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  • Comprehensive management and analysis with free software: be in control of your tools and processes at all times.
  • Data modelling and process automation with PostGIS: incorporating one of the most powerful GIS tools on the market into your analyses.
  • Publication with standard protocols: make your information accessible to any organisation in the world using standard protocols.
  • Satellite images: use all the data available in the different constellations to improve your processes.
  • Raster and vector analysis, machine learning: explore beyond the data and extract all the information hidden in it.

More than 50 companies and institutions around the world already trust Geomatico

Discover some of the projects in which we have participated...

Satellite images for precision agriculture.
More than 7 years of collaboration.
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"We have been collaborating in Satagro for more than 7 years, participating in all parts of the development and now especially in everything related to the analysis and construction of GIS algorithms"
9 years with the Barcelona Natural Science Museum
Geolocation is a key attribute for activity in a natural science museum since cartography is present in almost all its fields of action: collections, research, publications, exhibitions, etc.
Projects in which we have collaborated...
Francesc Uribe, Museum curator

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"Geomatico has given us a powerful range of technological capabilities, making us feel that they've got our back. To avoid mistakes or even to move two steps ahead."

A great team will accompany you in the area of environmental projects

Martí Pericay Project Manager
Micho García GIS Analyst
Oscar Fonts Developer
Francisco P. Sampayo Developer
Marta Pulido Marta Pulido Frontend developer

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The facts define us

  • Real-time public transportation visualization

    https://vimeo.com/540079821/ Real-time visualization for the Barcelona metro and bus services Since 2016, Geomatico has been working with the Barcelona public transport agency (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, ​​TMB) for GIS development…

  • Civil works monitoring using satellite imagery and machine learning

    Using up-to-date satellite imagery is nowadays mandatory to the decision-making process in many areas: agriculture, environment, water resources … Checking present and historical views of a site can be of…

  • Customised GIS training for your sector

    Our experience tells us that the best way to consolidate knowledge and have your staff effectively integrate GIS as a daily tool is through customised courses for your business. Generalist…

  • 9 years with Barcelona Natural Science Museum

    Geolocation is a key attribute for activity in a natural science museum since cartography is present in almost all its fields of activity: collections, research, publications, exhibitions, etc. The collaboration…