One kilometer from home

On March the 23rd, after five weeks of COVID-19 lockdown, president Sanchez announced that Spain will begin easing restrictions. In this first attempt at  loosening measures across the country, children under the age of 14 will now be allowed to go outside of their homes for one hour a day, accompanied by an adult. The measure limits travel to no further than 1 kilometer from home. But just how far is 1 kilometer? To help navigate these new rules, Geomatico, a Spanish GIS company, developed a non-profit web application using donated tools from Mapbox that allows adults and children to visualize a 1 kilometer radius around their home.

In ten days, has become a reference for individuals and families throughout Spain looking to safely leave their house for the first time in over a month. Thanks in part to Mapbox’s support, the team has been able to deliver this mapping service for free to over 7 million users in multiple languages and municipal districts.


Want to see what 1 kilometer compliance looks like where you live? Check out the application here.

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