@geomati_co in GeoTools

On these days the geomati.cos are a bit scattered. They had to stop in Velp (Holland) to talk about some projects at the MapWindow Conference. After this, one of them has gone to Salzburg (Austria) to continue with talks in the AGIT Conference, and others are already on their new temporary destination, Rome (Italy), working for FAO.
In between we have learned about OpenGeoGroep, a GIS freelancers cooperative, more or less what we’d want to become one day. Meanwhile we continue to work on our projects and are preparing others.
Just one more thing. Recently one of the geomaticos, Oscar Fonts, contributed to GeoServer and GeoTools a new transformation method using NADCON and NTv2 grids (see here in Spanish). Today people from GeoTools has posted on their blog that its source code has moved to GitHub, and int the image that appears…

Sorry, I’m a sentimentalist.


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