Sensor Widgets: monitor your real-time sensor data on the web

Publish your sensor data via standard protocols and make it instantly available on your website through Open Source, 100% Javascript widgets.

You gather a lot of sensor information and you store it in a database. Why not supply it real-time to your clients through the web, or to your employees on an intranet? The SOS protocol allows you to publish it in a standard way, and our Sensor Widgets automagically show the current value through many elegant graphical components: bearing, gauge, grid, map, panel, progress bar, table, thermometer, timechart, windrose. Each one is completely extensible, configurable through a wizard and via CSS, and totally Open Source (MIT license).


The Port of Barcelona and developed the Sensor Widgets library on 2014-2015 to publish and analyze many years of data collected by the 179 sensors of the meteorological station network of the Port. An Oracle database and a 52º North SOS server were used to serve it, but the Sensor Widgets can be configured to display any other SOS 2.0 data, as they are pure Javascript and rely on standard protocols.

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